Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Looking for LHN or CCN charts for Sale

Hi All Stitchers out there........

If have have any used chart of Littlehousee Needlework or Country Cottage Needlecraft you wanted to swap or sell off, I would love to have them.

Please email me at ct_sticthingbarn@yahoo.com ......we can work out how to organize them...

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Cross stitch Kit - Bouquet of Flower

Wooww...it has been very long ...no update since May!...been busy with my work, travelling, stitching, part time biz, RE ....and all sort of excuses that I can think of...LOL....

For those stichers who love flowers, here are some stash that I wanted to let go.....I am trying to reduce my stash once in three months as I am now into RE stashing (of course hiding it from my other half!)......these are all my favorite as I love flowers ....I am not sure whether I am really doing the right thing letting go of these kits......so if by the time you booked then I change my mind ...you should know the answer (only time will tell!)


Purple Roses

Fabric : 11ct White aida

Stitch count : 90 x 250

Price : RM 98

Pink Roses

Fabric : 11 ct White Aida

Stitch count : 90 x 250

Price : RM 98

Pink Bouquet Roses in A Pot

Fabric : 14 ct White Aida

Stitch Count : 250 (H) x 135 (W)

RM 120.00

White & Blue Bouquet in A Pot

Fabric : 14ct White Aida

Stitch Count : 250 (H) x 135 (W)

RM 120.00

I am not planning to sell off my kits in loose form, also, please do not request to photocopy the chart as I do not want to do that. I apologized in advance and I hope all of you respect my choice.

Thanks to all of you who drop by and check on my stitching barn. Please come and visit my stitching updates at mommacreativefingers.blogspot.com ....Till then........happy stitching!



Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ni hao and Hello again....thanks for coming back for a visit....I should be updating more kits and some book mark kits into the blog but have been tight up with my work and evening classes for improving my Chinese language.
For those who has been asking the price for the hoop and erasable pen, I had updated the price accordingly. Sorry had forgotten to indicate the price here. I had left most of these items in Malaysia, so for those who interested to booked for the purchase please do so immediately so that I can organize the mailing while I am home in June.
I also hope to be able to sort out some of the linen to be featured here for selling off........
H a P P y S t i T c H i n G

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stitching kits for selling off

Sorry for not updating my stitching barn for so long. I received some enquiries for swap from all over the world recently. For those who I had promised to send some pattern for swap or gift, please bear with me as I have been busy with my work...I will try to find time to full fill my promise....

I have some stitching kits which I wish to sell it off.....but sorry to say I can only be able to sell this to Malaysian stitchers as it is quite difficult to handle foreign transactions....however, if you are genuinely interested for swapping, we can discuss via email (I have to be very careful as I had experienced before some stitcher had promised me for a swap but she never send her stuff to me...it was a very irresponsible act and never respect my right at all!!)....

I have more than one for certain kits...all kits come with 14 ct aida (mostly), needle (if you are lucky there is 2 needles in the package :) , chart and thread....most of these kits are for advance stitchers...if you are into easy or moderate stitcher, please let me know so that I can find some which suit your skills.....

Code : CH10090 ( Price RM 98)
Size : 19" x 12"
Fabric : 14ct black aida
Complete with thread & chart and needle

Code : CH60872 (Price RM 68)
Size : 11" x 9"
Fabric : 14 ct white aida
Complete with thread, chart and needle

Code 8187 (Price RM 98) - one of my favorites kits
Stitch size : 150 x 180
Come with 11ct white aida, thread, needle & chart

Code K073 Pink Lily (Price RM 65)
Stitch count : 102 x 171
Come with 11ct white aida, thread, needle & chart

Code : K020 (Price RM 78)
Stitch size : 114 x 272
Come with 11ct white aida, thread, needle and chart

Code : KF006 (Price RM110)
Stitch count : 194 x 146
Come with 11ct white aida, thread, needle and chart
(Note : this is very nice piece once completed...i have seen one they are so very beautiful and nice to appreciate.......)

I have a few more but need to make some more digging into my stash...till then...happy stitching !!