Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Stitching Tools

These are some extra tools I bought recently. I have 2 types of small and large plastic adjustable hoops also 3 pcs of water erasable marking pen. I bought these in bulk as a gift to my stitching friends. For those who had received my gift I hope you enjoy using them....




H a p p y S t i t c h i n g n P e A C e t O t H E Wo R l D.............

Snap shoot of my extra xs mag...

Sorry for being absent for so long. I was not able to update my xs goodies here due to my extensive travelling and current workloads. I went through stack of my mags today trying to dig out some cartoon charts wanted by some fellow stitchers and again came across with this beautiful mag....

This is an extra copy of XS crazy that I featured here in July. I decided to take snapshoots of the content to share with those of you who come for a visit

This mag featured design by Newton's Law, Little Suzy's Zoo, Susan Bates's flower power etc.

On the right is a cup of Rosy Lee by Diane Machin. Ideal to stitch for a tray, coaster or napkin.

The flower power by Susan Bates. The colors are very lovely and stunning. Ideal for frame to fill your living room with this glorious blooms.

This is a design by Newton's Law an at the bottom is Boof and Witzy a design by Little Suzy's Zoo. Both are perfect gift to stitch for your best friend or for your love one.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Xtra xs mag

These are another two magazines on my possession that I wanted to let go.....If you have some special thread for swap please email me...

The Cross Stitcher Magazine for Christmas 2001. It is full of Xmas pattern for ornaments, pin cushion, mini stocking or placemat with charts for poinsettias, santa, Xmas tree etc.

I've been keeping this for almost 6 years.

Still in original packing but I had opened it for viewing.

This Cross Stitch Crazy is from issue October 2005. I had accidentally bought another copy last week (at first I thought I have one already...I guess because I am so engrossed on the elegant rose motive featured on cover page!!). The rose is very lllovvveely!. It also feature 4 beautiful bloom of lily, sunflower, cabbage rose & tea rose.

Those who love Newton Law, this is something must have! It included a chart Woordsworth the cat with saying...You're so special, I'm so nice, we go together like sugar n spice.....

It also consist of gorgeous Little Suzy's Zoo design of Boof & Witzy....

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Charts for swapping....

These are some of the charts that I managed to pull out of my mag shelf this morning. Most of these charts are in good condition since I am always keep in the plastic bag as orinally purchased.

Please email me if you are interested to swap. I only have a copy from each chart, so first come first basis is applied.

I would prefer swap with stash as I have enough charts and magazine in my collection. We can discuss on the stash via email.

This is a free chart from collection classic series. The design from Victorian Christmas by Sandy Littlejohns. This is from Christmas 2005 Cross Stitch Collection magazine.

I only have one copy which is in good condition.

This is the 'Blue Tits & Clematic' giant chart from Anchor & Coats Craft UK. Free chart from the World of Cross Stitching

(I can't remember from which year of issue)

This is the chart from Winnie the Pooh Calendar
2006. Consisted all 4 charts namely Pooh, Piglet,
Eeyore and Tigger.

The chart is in calendar format and is in good condition. (It looks almost new)

This Disney Supper Chart is from the Cross Stitcher Mag. It consist of Exclusive Tigger chart with stitch count 80 hugh x 60 wide.

Friday, June 15, 2007

1st phase of my mag galore..........

Most of my mags are all back dated issues. I bought them in bulk from my personal craft mags & books supplier. I normally get the mags attached with the free patterns or kits. I will try to give some snapshots of the content. All the prices are the same RM 15 a copy except for Cross Stitch Gold which is RM 18 a copy. All my mags I kept in the plastic bags (came when it was purchased). These are the latest that I can find from the racks. I will try to dig up more (as I do not want Rozi to notice that I am selling it off.....)...any of you who interested to purchase or swap from me, please email me ct underscore stitchingbarn dot com (yeaahhh u should know I to figure it out yourself!!!!...)....I can just sit and flipping my mags for hours without doing anything else!!!.........Some of the mags I have more than one, I put as a standby for gift...

This Cross Stitch Gold issue 47 full with exclusive Spring Garden concept. I really like the sunflower teapot and country garden featured on the cover page. This mag also contain a rich traditional sampler from English Rose Embroideries....how I wish I could stitch it all!!! They are so lovely.....

This World of Cross Stitching is from issue 121....it comes with the Blue Tits Giant chart....My fav from this issue is the Crocus bowl planter (Tulip) and the romantic sampler "Stitch from the Heart"...

This Cross Stitcher mag is from issue 184 March 2007.
It contained designs from two of my fav designer namely Joan Elliot and Ellen M Stroh....The theme of this issue is more for mother days stitching....The floral pattern from Ellen is very pretty & sweet...I wish I have enough time to snap the pattern and put it here.....

Sorry the photo is not so clear...will try to snap again ...This Cross Stitch Crazy mag is from issue 96 March 2007.. It comes with free luxury card pack (Cuddly Buddly card!)...This is also special for Mother Days. My personal favorite pattern is "Ewe Make me smile by Gail Bussi (I just love the cute ewe)...For those who love Cuddly Buddly bear this is a must have collection!!.

This is my favorite from all the mags of 2007 Issue 185 April 2007. This mag comes with the bonus pattern from D&C book collection..My favorite is a beautiful classic sampler from Moira. She use linen thread for this sampler. Linen thread are very sweet and gorgeous to stitch (I have not tries as yet but I can see it from this design...). This will be my next WIP I guess.... My fav from the D&C books is the flower from Cross Stitch Flower by Jayne Natley (they are so bright and beautiful colors...

I will have a separate posting for unwanted charts particularly fairies flowers, cuddly bear, cartoon etc...etc...I am just into sampler and flowers........... I will have more digging to be done especially for all this patterns..........hhhhhmmmmm....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fairies Flower chart

This was free chart from the Cross Stitcher June 2005. I have been keeping it with me for 2 year!! It's a giant chart with design area of 14 x 20 inc.

I have been planning this for a swap with someone in the USA but I am not sure whether she wants this (I have not asked her as yet...)

For those who love Fairies Flower, this is a must have!! Reason : as Cathy said on this chart " All your favorite Flower Fairies in one collector set!" For those who thinks that they can't stitch the whole pattern , they may opt for one or two pattern from the chart.....

So, Fairies Flower lovers wait no more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome to my world!!!

The main reason I start on this blog is to put all my unwanted stash or magazine so that others who wanted them can buy or swap with my Wishlist.

I have not snap any photos as yet as I need to sort all the stuffs that I do not need at this point of time. I do not want to regret later once I had decided to put here. I guess there are lots of things to organize especially the bulk of magazine with the charts....I hope it won't take it ages to complete or I will do stage by stage ............

I encourages local stitcher from Malaysia but if you are outside Malaysia, maybe we could discuss on email : ct_stitchingbarn@yahoo.com (yeaahhh ct with underscore stitchingbarn dot com!! LOL....)

Happy stitching!!