Friday, July 6, 2007

Xtra xs mag

These are another two magazines on my possession that I wanted to let go.....If you have some special thread for swap please email me...

The Cross Stitcher Magazine for Christmas 2001. It is full of Xmas pattern for ornaments, pin cushion, mini stocking or placemat with charts for poinsettias, santa, Xmas tree etc.

I've been keeping this for almost 6 years.

Still in original packing but I had opened it for viewing.

This Cross Stitch Crazy is from issue October 2005. I had accidentally bought another copy last week (at first I thought I have one already...I guess because I am so engrossed on the elegant rose motive featured on cover page!!). The rose is very lllovvveely!. It also feature 4 beautiful bloom of lily, sunflower, cabbage rose & tea rose.

Those who love Newton Law, this is something must have! It included a chart Woordsworth the cat with saying...You're so special, I'm so nice, we go together like sugar n spice.....

It also consist of gorgeous Little Suzy's Zoo design of Boof & Witzy....

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Charts for swapping....

These are some of the charts that I managed to pull out of my mag shelf this morning. Most of these charts are in good condition since I am always keep in the plastic bag as orinally purchased.

Please email me if you are interested to swap. I only have a copy from each chart, so first come first basis is applied.

I would prefer swap with stash as I have enough charts and magazine in my collection. We can discuss on the stash via email.

This is a free chart from collection classic series. The design from Victorian Christmas by Sandy Littlejohns. This is from Christmas 2005 Cross Stitch Collection magazine.

I only have one copy which is in good condition.

This is the 'Blue Tits & Clematic' giant chart from Anchor & Coats Craft UK. Free chart from the World of Cross Stitching

(I can't remember from which year of issue)

This is the chart from Winnie the Pooh Calendar
2006. Consisted all 4 charts namely Pooh, Piglet,
Eeyore and Tigger.

The chart is in calendar format and is in good condition. (It looks almost new)

This Disney Supper Chart is from the Cross Stitcher Mag. It consist of Exclusive Tigger chart with stitch count 80 hugh x 60 wide.